Prague: The place of fairy tales!

After our night of unlimited wine and an attempt to say farewell to Nath (we could not wake him for the life of us) we made our way to Prague.  We had no idea what to expect from Prague but from what people had told us we had some high expectations! We checked into our awesome hostel, equipped with a lively restaurant and bar and thought we would have a decent meal whilst we still had some money left in our wallets (we obviously didn’t plan ahead too well as the following night’s dinner MAY have consisted of supermarket bread and cheese…whoops). Following a good night’s sleep, we began our first full day with a free walking tour of Prague (which I could barely afford to go on) and found that Prague is one of those places that look like it has come out of a fairytale book.  There are some cool little myths behind a lot of buildings and a fair bit of history too.  The old Town is definitely a place to go and visit as you will find the Tyn Church, the Powder Gate, the Municipal House and a lot of funky little shops plus a lot of food stalls.  Just be wary though with the food stalls, they will try and rip you off.  Just make sure you are very specific in what you want and how many grams and that you don’t want anything extra.  We went to one stall that had something advertised as 100grams for 79 Kc and there was nothing else advertised so we asked for that and he has come back saying it’s 250Kc because it’s over 300grams!!  Of course we stood our ground because we are quite cheap but he got a bit annoyed and made it out like it’s our fault.  We had a couple of people experience the same thing where they will give you something extra that you didn’t ask for and then ask for more money.  In saying that it’s only a couple of euro but when you are on a tight budget it makes a difference!

Anyway, another cool thing to see in Prague is the Lennon Wall.  This is a wall dedicated to John Lennon and anyone can go up and graffiti it so this wall is constantly changing because artworks are going over previous artworks.  After the Lennon Wall we made our way to St. Nicolas, the Prague Castle and then onto the Wallenstein Palace.  The Wallenstein Palace is a cool little place to check out as it’s filled with gardens and peacocks plus it is home to the Dripstone Wall.  This wall is manmade and was designed to fit in with nature but at the same time it’s kind of weird and definitely unique!  Also while you are here go and check out the Dancing House.  It’s quite a funky little building to see if you are interested in architecture and buildings etc.


OH!  Also if you ever find yourself in Prague, you MUST find the Choco-story! We were told by some fellow travellers that they offer free samples of chocolate so of course we added this place on our list in Prague, who doesn’t love free chocolate! This place has some amazing chocolates in it and hard candies as well that they make themselves and for a small price you can even go watch a demonstration I believe, but as we were quite cheap we just wondered around the store salivating at all the chocolatey goodness awaiting those free samples! We finally struck gold and were offered tastings (no seconds though much to our disappointment) of some of the chocolate they have to offer. I can’t really recommend if it’s any good or not as we didn’t buy anything or only had a tiny yet tantalising taste but it’s worth a visit anyway.

While in Prague we were lucky enough to meet up with our new found friends from Berlin – the Dutch boys and the Canadian – YAY!  Of course lots of wine, beer and food were had over the two nights that we met up with them and the Dutch boys did teach me some dirty words (look out Australia!).  These guys are so much fun and on our second night out with them, following a nice stiff drink of the infamous Absinthe (better enjoyed with coke if you don’t want your throat to burn for a 24 hour period), we decided to check out the 5 storey club which is apparently the biggest club in Central Europe (with a rep like that how could we not check it out?).  This is definitely a very unique club!  The setup of it is kind of like two different mini clubs per floor so you are kind of spoilt for choice as to where to go.  While here we actually decided to try out the Ice Pub and like the name states it’s a pub made purely out of ice!  So you put on your warm big jacket and gloves and go down to the pub that is -7◦ for 20mins.  Definitely one of the most ‘coolest’ things I’ve done (haha get it?)!  Anyway after dancing our butts off, we eventually left and had to say farewell to our newfound friends unfortunately…

Prague is a beautiful city but it’s preferably best visited when you’re not on a 8€ a day budget like myself (yes, it was quite depressing times) but it’s got a nice charm about it and it’s definitely a quirky little city.

Look out for our visit to Budapest where we totally and utterly fell in lurve!


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