The hills are alive with the sound of music in Austria!

We arrived at the Budapest train station a little earlier than expected so we thought we would treat ourselves to a nice takeaway coffee and breakfast before boarding.  So, in amongst trying to find our seats and dumping our bags we of course managed to spill all of our coffee over one of our seats and it also managed to make its way to the people sitting behind us.  We successfully annoyed 2 people and made the carriage smell like coffee in a space of a minute… I think that’s a job well done!  We did eventually get to Salzburg and rocked up to our hostel smelling like coffee that we never got to drink…

We set out the next day to see all that we could see of Salzburg!  Now for those of you that don’t know, Salzburg is the place where some of the movie “The Sound of Music” was filmed and it’s also the birthplace of Mozart, so there’s a lot to see!  Now, firstly I’d just like to say that Salzburg is such an amazing place and even though it is small, it is filled with so much character and beauty and it will leave you wondering if you are actually walking through a real city.  Of course during our exploration we had to visit a few key sights like the Mirabell Palace and Gardens where the Von Trapp family sang “Do-Re-Mi” in The Sound of Music, the Salzburg Fortress, Marionette Theatre, Domplatz Cathedral and Mozarts Cathedral.  There is of course so much more that you can see and Salzburg is a good base for a lot of day trips.






After we saw all that we could, we decided to climb the Kapuzinerberg Hill.  It took us a few wrong turns before we finally found the path leading up the so called hill (it was a mountain in our eyes) and embarked on our adventure through the woods on what we thought was the easy path.  Of course thanks to our fantastic directional skills we got lost and somehow managed to find ourselves on the difficult path, I suppose it was a good way to walk off all the pastries we had eaten!  We did eventually find our way to the top and all I can say is that the view from there was totally worth it!


After our little adventure we headed back to the hostel for a showing of what other than “The Sound of Music”!  Wooo!  It was actually kind of fun watching this movie and picking out all the scenes that we had visited only hours before.

The next day we woke up to a very wet, cold and dreary day but we reluctantly put on our warmest clothes, grabbed our umbrellas and headed off to check out the Rupertikirtag Festival in Old Town.  This is an annual festival held in Salzburg to celebrate St Rupert and their city.  The platz is filled with stalls selling all kinds of food and goods from candy to beer to meat to toys and clothes.  There are games and rides and even a massive beer hall.  It’s a festival not to miss out on while in Salzburg in September, however we probably didn’t get to see it at its best as it was pouring rain but it looked like it would be an extremely fun festival if the weather permitted.  While here we of course immersed ourselves in the culture by testing out the local cuisine and wine and can I just say that the desserts are to die for!

Our time in Salzburg was short lived but it will never be forgotten and I will definitely be back.  Stay tuned for our boozy blog about our time in Kirchberg and Oktoberfest!!!



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