Perth – Albany

For anybody that hasn’t travelled in Australia before, it’s massive! It takes a long time to travel anywhere. In Europe you take a road trip and you will be in a new country in a couple of hours… in Australia you would be lucky to be in a new city in that time!

The trip from Perth to Albany was about 5 or so hours and there really wasn’t much to view in that time. Long stretches of road, red dirt and the Australian bush. I must admit though the one thing that amazes me with WA is the fact that you will travel along with red dirt and Australian bush everywhere then you take a turn and all of a sudden you are hit with a stunning view of white sand and turquoise water beaches… it’s such a beautiful contrast.



I stayed the night in Albany and woke up early the next day to do some sight seeing!

About 37km outside of Albany I highly (HIGHLY) recommend you make your way to Little Beach in Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve. This place isn’t mentioned much but it kicks Albany’s Middleton Beach to the kerb! It is a beautiful peaceful beach with stunning untouched white sand and gorgeous crystal clear water! I could have stayed here all day… the only thing is that I couldn’t even access the beach due to thousands of jelly fish being washed up to shore (probably why it looked untouched too!). So if you do make your way here just have a look around on the beach first so you can enjoy this little hidden treasure!




My next stop was the Natural Bridge and The Gap in Torndirrup National Park which is about 17km outside of Albany in the opposite direction to Little Beach. This was a pretty cool place to come to but I recommend not wearing flip flops as there isn’t too many safety railings and it can get quite windy there so it’s easy to loose your footing.

Now this part of Western Australia used to be connected directly to Antarctica when Australia was a part of the supercontinent Gondwana and just a few metres away you can view the Natural Bridge from another viewing platform down the path.





Solo road trip

So after a few days adventuring around Perth it was time to head on my solo road trip around South Western Australia! Initially I had planned on heading to Esperance then doing a loop but when the locals tell you you are crazy for doing that in 4 days you rethink your plans. Instead the new plan was Perth – Albany – Augusta – Margaret River – Busselton – Perth (although I reckon I could have done Esperance if I had 1 extra day)

Now I won’t bore you with all the details only the good bits… I will put up each adventure in its own post and just to warn you all – I was on a search for beautiful beaches! Now at the risk of ruining my reputation (still not sure what rep I have) but so you get an idea of my trip I borrowed my friends van which is a monster in itself and they have converted it to somewhat liveable conditions (drawers, queen sized bed and frame etc). I slept in my van in beach car parks and even the bush one night and did not shower for 4 days (luckily south WA was cool so I didn’t stink anybody out!) and due to money restraints I didn’t really eat much proper food during my trip apart from my cheese, chocolate and wine tastings (all free of course!) Times were tough and WA is expensive but my money was well spent in other areas!

So here we go…


Dare to dream and face your fears!

I love this quote by Les Brown – “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”

When you think about it it’s quite true, we as humans fear a lot – heights, spiders, peanut butter and the list goes on and on… but how many of our fears are stopping us from getting out there and doing something different and dare I say it, stopping you from living your dreams? How many times have you not taken opportunities because you were afraid of something? Honestly, when you start saying yes to opportunities your world is going to open up so much and you are going to wonder what on earth you were doing before!!

I suppose this post gives you a bit of insight into who I am as I never turn down an opportunity (unless with good reason) and it has taken me on some crazy adventures but I don’t regret any of it!

With all of that said I suppose you probably won’t be too surprised to hear that I went snorkelling with sharks (yeah okay snorkelling sounds dorky but hey I still did it!). I’m all about conquering your fears and try everything at least once (you never know, you may just love something!). So of course I had to do this when the opportunity presented itself and can I just say it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life and it may have left me with a taste for more!

We went to the Aquarium of Western Australia where we had a short briefing, got into our oh so sexy wet suits and then we were off! Here we were snorkelling in amongst sting rays, turtles, fish and sharks! Absolutely incredible and I must admit, I did get a bit nervous when I had sharks swimming literally less than a metre under me and I was also freaking out that I might kick one in the head with my flippers and then it’d be on but luckily nothing like that happened (although I did run into some big fish)! Honestly to see these creatures up close and not behind a glass was mesmerising I could have stayed there all day!




White sands and turquoise waters – Welcome to Western Australia!

So after a flight delay, 5hr long flight and a time zone change I finally made it to Perth quite late at night. Now I would just like to list a couple of reasons as to why I hate getting into completely new cities late at night

1. You are exhausted from the day and all you want to do is curl up in your foreign bed and sleep. You are so exhausted that don’t even care when the cab driver rips you off
2. You arrive at your hostel and have met some awesome people at reception when you check in but with your luck you get the room where everyone is already sleeping and the people that are awake are rude
3. You are now dubbed that annoying person as you try ever so quietly (but because the room is already quiet every move you make is amplified) to get your pjs out of your backpack where they were packed on top have now somehow made their way halfway down your bag (thanks pjs because I really needed to annoy people further)

Anyway… After a night of insomnia I had my first full day in Western Australia and what better way to spend it than on Rottnest Island. I headed there with my friend Leah and her beautiful little boy Luca and her partners brother Seb (visiting from France). Firstly I would like to state that Perth is quite expensive in general but to get to Rottnest Island you have to pay $95 AU for a return ferry ticket plus extra if you want to hire a bike or snorkel gear and to jump on and off the bus. Word of advice for anyone wanting to travel here – it’s expensive full stop. Plus on the beaches there isn’t any shade and the buses only run every hour. This island could have so much potential but just seems to fall short slightly. On the other hand the fact that it isn’t so built up is also a good thing as it’s not impacting on the environment so much.



If you are going to travel here I would suggest getting in as early as possible and leaving as late as possible (if doing a day trip) to get the most out of the island and the most out of your money!! The island itself is quite beautiful with its beautiful white sands and turquoise waters but we felt like you need to pre plan everything as the main and only hub is at the ferry terminal.

Needless to say we did have a good expensive time but I have still got a lot more to see and it won’t be my last white sanded turquoise watered beach either!

Stay tuned for my next entry where I overcome my fear and swim with sharks!!



Let’s cure these itchy feet!


So I couldn’t get my feet to stop itching and my next adventure was too far away, so what do I do? Go on a mini adventure in my own country of course!!

First stop: Cairns then on to Western Australia for a short road trip and then I finish my adventure in the beautiful city of Melbourne! I have got my backpack ready to go and my inner backpacker instincts are already coming out including my free wifi radar (yes, even in my own country!)

I have already spent a couple days in Cairns soaking up the beautiful North Qld sun but I must admit I’m insanely excited about Western Australia as this will be my visit there!

So stay posted as it could be an interesting ride!