White sands and turquoise waters – Welcome to Western Australia!

So after a flight delay, 5hr long flight and a time zone change I finally made it to Perth quite late at night. Now I would just like to list a couple of reasons as to why I hate getting into completely new cities late at night

1. You are exhausted from the day and all you want to do is curl up in your foreign bed and sleep. You are so exhausted that don’t even care when the cab driver rips you off
2. You arrive at your hostel and have met some awesome people at reception when you check in but with your luck you get the room where everyone is already sleeping and the people that are awake are rude
3. You are now dubbed that annoying person as you try ever so quietly (but because the room is already quiet every move you make is amplified) to get your pjs out of your backpack where they were packed on top have now somehow made their way halfway down your bag (thanks pjs because I really needed to annoy people further)

Anyway… After a night of insomnia I had my first full day in Western Australia and what better way to spend it than on Rottnest Island. I headed there with my friend Leah and her beautiful little boy Luca and her partners brother Seb (visiting from France). Firstly I would like to state that Perth is quite expensive in general but to get to Rottnest Island you have to pay $95 AU for a return ferry ticket plus extra if you want to hire a bike or snorkel gear and to jump on and off the bus. Word of advice for anyone wanting to travel here – it’s expensive full stop. Plus on the beaches there isn’t any shade and the buses only run every hour. This island could have so much potential but just seems to fall short slightly. On the other hand the fact that it isn’t so built up is also a good thing as it’s not impacting on the environment so much.



If you are going to travel here I would suggest getting in as early as possible and leaving as late as possible (if doing a day trip) to get the most out of the island and the most out of your money!! The island itself is quite beautiful with its beautiful white sands and turquoise waters but we felt like you need to pre plan everything as the main and only hub is at the ferry terminal.

Needless to say we did have a good expensive time but I have still got a lot more to see and it won’t be my last white sanded turquoise watered beach either!

Stay tuned for my next entry where I overcome my fear and swim with sharks!!




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