Perth – Albany

For anybody that hasn’t travelled in Australia before, it’s massive! It takes a long time to travel anywhere. In Europe you take a road trip and you will be in a new country in a couple of hours… in Australia you would be lucky to be in a new city in that time!

The trip from Perth to Albany was about 5 or so hours and there really wasn’t much to view in that time. Long stretches of road, red dirt and the Australian bush. I must admit though the one thing that amazes me with WA is the fact that you will travel along with red dirt and Australian bush everywhere then you take a turn and all of a sudden you are hit with a stunning view of white sand and turquoise water beaches… it’s such a beautiful contrast.



I stayed the night in Albany and woke up early the next day to do some sight seeing!

About 37km outside of Albany I highly (HIGHLY) recommend you make your way to Little Beach in Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve. This place isn’t mentioned much but it kicks Albany’s Middleton Beach to the kerb! It is a beautiful peaceful beach with stunning untouched white sand and gorgeous crystal clear water! I could have stayed here all day… the only thing is that I couldn’t even access the beach due to thousands of jelly fish being washed up to shore (probably why it looked untouched too!). So if you do make your way here just have a look around on the beach first so you can enjoy this little hidden treasure!




My next stop was the Natural Bridge and The Gap in Torndirrup National Park which is about 17km outside of Albany in the opposite direction to Little Beach. This was a pretty cool place to come to but I recommend not wearing flip flops as there isn’t too many safety railings and it can get quite windy there so it’s easy to loose your footing.

Now this part of Western Australia used to be connected directly to Antarctica when Australia was a part of the supercontinent Gondwana and just a few metres away you can view the Natural Bridge from another viewing platform down the path.





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