Solo road trip

So after a few days adventuring around Perth it was time to head on my solo road trip around South Western Australia! Initially I had planned on heading to Esperance then doing a loop but when the locals tell you you are crazy for doing that in 4 days you rethink your plans. Instead the new plan was Perth – Albany – Augusta – Margaret River – Busselton – Perth (although I reckon I could have done Esperance if I had 1 extra day)

Now I won’t bore you with all the details only the good bits… I will put up each adventure in its own post and just to warn you all – I was on a search for beautiful beaches! Now at the risk of ruining my reputation (still not sure what rep I have) but so you get an idea of my trip I borrowed my friends van which is a monster in itself and they have converted it to somewhat liveable conditions (drawers, queen sized bed and frame etc). I slept in my van in beach car parks and even the bush one night and did not shower for 4 days (luckily south WA was cool so I didn’t stink anybody out!) and due to money restraints I didn’t really eat much proper food during my trip apart from my cheese, chocolate and wine tastings (all free of course!) Times were tough and WA is expensive but my money was well spent in other areas!

So here we go…



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