Albany – Hamelin Bay

After exploring all I could in and around Albany, I made my way to Denmark which is about 54km away. Denmark is quite a cute little place to visit with a few things to do. My first stop was Greens Pool, however the beautiful sun that was out was now covered by grey clouds and as I arrived the wind picked up and it started to rain (of course!). Even though it wasn’t the best of days it was still beautiful, so when the sun is shining I definitely recommend you stop here if you are passing through! While you are here you can also explore the Elephant Rocks which is a short stroll from Greens Pool.





By this stage it was raining, cold and windy so what was a gal to do in this case? Indulge in some cheese, chocolate and wine tasting of course! I followed some signs to a cute cheese factory to get out of the rain for a bit. To my surprise they also had wine tasting and a variety of chocolate to indulge in… the perfect little retreat to wait the rain out.

After I rolled out of the cheese factory my next stop was near Walpole to visit the Valley of the Giants… before your imagination starts running wild with the possibilities of what this valley holds, the answer is simply trees.
The Karri and Tingle Trees are unique to this area and you get to walk through these giant tree tops on a suspension bridge. This bridge is quite a weird feeling as you are walking along it it is swaying so you feel like you have jelly legs or a bit tipsy (although I could have been after all that wine tasting!). Once you have made your way through the tree top walk you can wander through the “Ancient Empire” where you can see some old tree bases and you can also see the “protector” of the forest which is an old tree that looks like a grumpy old man or a character out of Lord of the Rings.




After my little rainforest adventure it was time to head to Hamelin Bay which was my stop for the night. Time was against me by this point as I had a 3 hour drive ahead of me and the sun was due to set soon. In Australia it can get dangerous driving at night as the kangaroos tend to come out at dusk and they just love jumping across roads! So in my monster of a van I gunned it and worked out I should make it there just in time. As it happens I did make it there just in time and got to see this gorgeous sunset for my troubles too!



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