Busselton – Perth (The end is nigh)

Okay so from my previous post you were probably wondering why I settled on staying in Busselton (especially seeing as I had to backtrack to Dunsborough). Well my dear readers I wanted to see the sunrise at the Busselton Jetty. Yes, I’m that type of person. I would like to state that it was worth it though…



Busselton kind of redeemed itself in my books by this lovely morning and it was made quite special by the fact that I FINALLY got to see my wild ray. As I was on the small jetty an Eagle Ray came up to me and kind of starting having a play. It would swim in circles then come closer towards me then head back out and kept doing that for a few minutes until finally getting bored and moving on.

Now for those that don’t know, Busselton is home to the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere and extends to almost 2kms. You can either opt to walk along the jetty or catch a little train. I opted for the train simply because I didn’t want to walk and it was included on my ticket price (I’m honest give me that). Right down the end is an underwater observatory which I would definitely recommend but only if it’s a nice sunny day otherwise I’m not sure how much you’d see. This is pretty cool because the observatory takes you down a few different levels and what you get to see is a completely natural habitat. I would maybe recommend getting on the first train and tour for the day as when I got back it was busy and the observatory was nice with only a few people.




After my little underwater adventure it was time to backtrack to Dunsborough and keep going to Eagle Bay. Of course I was met with another beautiful beach and as I didn’t have much more to do for the day I lazed around here for a bit. I headed to the Eagle Bay Brewing Company for lunch and if you ever find yourself this way check this place out! The food was good and reasonably priced and the beer and wine was also delicious!

So after a really nice day I was on a bit of a happiness high and it was time to finish my journey and head back to Perth, however my van had other ideas… It had decided that now was the time to chuck in the towel and stop working. After multiple attempts of trying to jump start the battery and fiddling with a few things I was at a loss and quite frustrated… a few phone calls later to some friends and they had no idea either. I can’t complain about being stuck at a brewery but at the same time I needed to get moving before it got dark. A few more attempts and still nothing and nobody was willing to help me. Right, I’m too far away for my friends to get me, my van had the shits and I was getting the shits so what to do? Go and have a beer… it seemed logical and it seemed to work. I came back and like magic my van decided it was finally going to work! Of course this meant that I couldn’t stop for almost 4 hours in case it decided to give up on me again.


You will be happy to know that I did make it back to Perth in one piece. You might also like to know that when I got back and explained that the light and side door stopped working, I was advised that there was a special trick (of course – I have only been living with the inconvenience for 2 days!)

I had a fantastic time though and realised you do take the small things for granted (ie: showers) but at the end of the day these misfortunes are all part of the adventure!!

My next and final stop is Melbourne!


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