The start of my love affair with Melbourne…

My time in Western Australia was up and as fun as it had been it was time to move on. My next and last stop was Melbourne. You might be thinking that it’s a bit of a jump but it was for a little family holiday.

I have never been to Melbourne before but for some reason I already loved the city. I’ve had a lot of people tell me good things about this city and they had put the idea in my head that this was my kind of place. Oh how right they were. I’m not sure when my love affair with Melbourne started…maybe it was when I first set foot on the tarmac, maybe it was the bus ride to the city while watching the gorgeous sunset but I have a feeling my love affair started long before I got here.

My first full day in Melbourne was spent with me looking like a kid in a candy shop – everything seemed new and exciting. We just wandered around the city taking in the sights with a stop at the famous Queen Victoria Markets to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables for the 10 days we were here (did I mention I love Melbourne?)



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