A passion for travel

I don’t know about all of you, but I find it hard to describe to people my passion to travel, to see the world, to experience other cultures. Some people don’t understand and some people are just happy to stay in their own little bubbles which is fine. I was reading “Eat, Love, Pray” by Elizabeth Gilbert and I came across this paragraph which really sums up how I feel and I thought I would share it. I’m also curious, how do you feel about travel? I’d love to hear all of your thoughts so share away!



2 thoughts on “A passion for travel”

  1. Amazing words that describe how we feel about traveling. When you travel you learn about yourself and about the others. For us, most of the trip experience is about the people that you meet. When you live in countries with a very different culture, it opens your mind and you become aware of the rest of the world. There is no coming back!


  2. Love these words Michelle!!! They are so true and very much lifting my spirits on a not so good day (travel depressions, decisions about dredging the GBR etc etc). You are an inspriation and am so priviledged to have spent those 4 months with you. Venturing to new places, meeting the most amazing people, doing some crazy things you never thought you would ever do and moving around every few days – the strongest scent of excitement! It awakens your senses, it empowers your mind and body and reinvigorates your soul!


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