For once, I fear, I can not describe a place. It feels like words are just not enough to describe the untouched beauty that is Myanmar. I’m not even talking about sweeping country sides as I haven’t even left Yangon yet, but I’m talking more so about the people. The beauty in their traditional dress with thanaka on their cheeks, the beauty in monks walking around, the beauty in their kindness and helpfulness and simplicity, the beauty in the innocence of couples sneaking a quick kiss behind umbrellas by the lake. No picture or words can capture that, yet I feel like that’s what makes Myanmar so special. I think I will leave the sightseeing information for a separate post…



Myanmar: A country to amaze

I’m not going to lie, I wanted to visit this ancient country before tourism got the better of it. I did get a lot of mixed reactions when I told people I was travelling here and I was usually greeted with a polite smile followed by ‘Where is Myanmar?’ or ‘I have never heard of it before’.
Something about visiting a place that not many people have been to excites me… but it also scares me a little too. There isn’t a lot of information to go by, you can’t get travel tips off friends or family and you rely a lot on what other people post on the internet and I will admit there are a lot of mixed reviews and tips out there. But then again what would life be like without a little mystery right?

I really had no idea what to expect from this country, I had been to Asia before but this was quite different. I started to freak myself out by reading smart traveller and stories about Myanmar. The fact that there had been bombings in the two touristy cities and old land mines everywhere started to get me worried leading up to my departure date. However on the day I was due to leave, all worries left me and I was as calm as anything… must be a good sign right?

After a fair few flight delays, lack of sleep, and my body clock totally out of whack (despite it only being a small time difference) we finally arrived at our starting city of Yangon. Immediately I had a good feeling about this place. Straight away the people seemed quite friendly and the city itself didn’t seem as chaotic as I thought it would. The traffic is quite civilised and the city seems quite clean(even the more slum areas), then as you are driving from the airport you are all of a sudden hit with beautiful glimmers of gold from buildings and pagodas as if teasing you with a taste of what was yet to come. Yep, at that moment I was glad I had decided to come here.

Stay posted for blogs to follow to give you some inspiration, hints and tips for travelling through Myanmar and of course photos!