Rio Carnaval 2015: Sambadrome

I have been dreaming of going to Carnaval in Rio since I was a teenager and finally this year that dream had come true!  It has been so surreal to think that after seeing pictures of Carnaval for so long that I was finally physically in the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro waiting for the parade to start.  Of course we didn’t exactly have the smoothest of starts to the parade.

We took the metro from where we were staying to near the Sambadrome and walked the rest of the way.  On the way there the wind started to pick up and then of course torrential rain started so we sought out shelter under some buildings until the rain eased a little bit. Eventually we made our way to the Sambadrome and to our section and waited undercover until the parades started all the while hoping that the rain would stop soon…. of course it didn’t and then the thunder and lightening started and we knew we were in for a really good night!



The first samba school parade still went on regardless of the rain and even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirit of the crowd.  The crowds were decked out in ponchos and umbrellas all the while dancing and singing in the rain which was contagious.  Even though you were soaking wet and looked miserable your hips couldn’t help but move to the music and before you knew it you were dancing and signing a song you don’t know the words to.




Words or pictures can’t describe the atmosphere in the Sambadrome and the parades and floats were just amazing!  If you are in sector 13 you can easily pick up some of the costumes as well as the dancers just leave costumes lying around everywhere in this area after they finish.

Somehow I managed to stay until the last parade which started about 5.30am so I had been awake for over 24hrs by the time I got home but it was well and truly worth it!  Walking back to the metro the streets were filled with discarded costumes, music and dancers were out getting food and celebrating.  Even though the sun was rising, it seemed like the party kept going outside of the Sambadrome.


2 thoughts on “Rio Carnaval 2015: Sambadrome”

  1. Finally I got around to reading your blog and I can’t wait until the next one!! Looks like carnival was amazing! Lots of bright colours and textures! Keep those hips swinging! Be safe xo

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