Easter in Bariloche!

    I won’t lie, I had no idea that San Carlos de Bariloche is the chocolate capital of Argentina and what’s better is that we just so happened to be there during Easter!! It is famous for producing the most purest handcrafted chocolates in the country and I have even personally taste tested copious amounts to make sure this statement is true.

    Bariloche comes alive during Easter with their Chocolate Festival. 
    The festival goes for a few days and there are various things to see and do leading up to Easter Sunday. There are markets, a concert and even a massive chocolate bar (over 100m long) that you can help devour with the rest of the crowd. You can even go for a wander through the city streets that are filled with the aromas of chocolate. You will easily find chocolate shops galore where you can feed your chocolate addiction and stock up like there is no tomorrow! 







    On Easter Sunday morning the town centre was packed with locals and vistitors eagerly awaiting the highlight of the festival – a giant Chocolate Easter egg! That’s right, there is a giant chocolate Easter egg in the town centre that has been made by chocolatiers especially for this festival. The egg (claimed to be the worlds largest handmade chocolate Easter egg) was made out of 8,000kg of chocolate and stood 8.5m high and  6 feet across… My eyes may have been bigger than my stomach. 




    The crowd counted down to the official cracking of the egg by the mayor and then the deconstruction of the egg started shortly after. Slowly you can watch pieces of the chocolate egg fall off and you start to see that there are people inside pushing the chocolate panels out.



    As the chocolate falls, the pieces are cut up by chefs and freely handed out to the eagerly waiting crowd. Be warned though, there is a line that seems to go on forever so get in early to get your chocolate fix. 
    If you are a lover of chocolate than Bariloche should at the top of your list of places to visit as you will well and truly get your fix! 

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