As a Backpacker…

During my time as a backpacker I have come to realise and learn a few things and have also learnt some things from other backpackers that we have met along the way.  I’ve created this page as a bit of fun and for any fellow backpackers out there please feel free to add to the list in the comments!!

As a Backpacker…….

  • Personal hygiene isn’t a big issue anymore, you start to embrace your natural fragrance and hopefully people around you do too…
  • Clean underwear is never a problem again when you wear a dirty pair for the first time
  • You get creative with what’s around you…
  • You learn to survive on the bare minimum which I like to call my quick weight loss plan!
  • You always have to laugh and look on the bright side of things, otherwise it’s actually pretty shit
  • You feel like a chameleon, but you generally look like an idiot with a bag twice your size and 4 other smaller bags hanging off you
  • You soon realise what is valuable and what isn’t.  My big backpack isn’t, in fact whenever I put it down I actually hope someone takes it so I won’t have to lug it around anymore.  In all seriousness though, I would actually like to see someone try and steal it, that in itself would provide hours of amusement watching some poor person trying to run away with 25kgs of crap – go for it mate!
  • You learn to run on no sleep
  • You drink too much
  • You are constantly broke
  • You get over taking photos of yourself – there are only so many poses you can do and only so many “picture perfect” European streets
  • You start to accumulate braclets, not sure why but it seems to be the thing to do…
  • Laundry is NEVER done while travelling
  • You can never have too much gelato or pasta bowls
  • You realise that steak is never as good as back home
  • The “must see” sights that everyone tells you about are seldom as good as a few cheap bottles of wine shared with people you met a few hours ago
  • You learn to sleep anywhere and everywhere
  • You can’t sleep without earplugs and an eyemask…

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